First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)

  • First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)
  • First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)
  • First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)
  • First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)
  • First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)
  • First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display - CO615 (1039746)
Plug-In / Battery Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Plug-In CO Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display

The First Alert CO615 Dual-Power Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm alerts you to dangerous carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide detector operates on a dual-power system with battery backup for continuous monitoring, even in the event of a power outage. The backlit digital screen tells you at a glance what the carbon monoxide and power levels are. The CO monitor also features a convenient test and silence button and an end-of-life timer that lets you know when it is time to replace the unit.

Dual-Power Design for Continuous Monitoring

The carbon monoxide detector is designed to work with any standard outlet, and it features battery backup to allow continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels in the event of a power outage. Simply place two AA batteries in the battery compartment, and if the power goes out, the backup will activate, monitoring carbon monoxide levels even during storms. A low-battery indicator light and alarm will sound when the batteries need to be replaced or are removed.

Advanced Electrochemical Sensor

The First Alert Dual-Power Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm uses an advanced electrochemical sensor to detect elevated CO levels. This sensor offers increased sensitivity to carbon monoxide even at low levels. In the event of a false alarm, the silence/test button can be used to turn off the CO detector.

Backlit Digital Display is Easy to Read

The large backlit display on the carbon monoxide detector clearly shows the level of carbon monoxide in the room, as well as the power level of the backup batteries. The display is readable even in the dark and casts a calm blue light, making it ideal for use in a bedroom. The 6-foot power cord makes it easy to mount the CO monitor on a wall or position it on a shelf or nightstand.

Where To Place Carbon Monoxide Alarms:

● One on every level of the home and one in each sleeping area.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO615

Plug-In CO Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display Features:

  • Plug & protect, alarm plugs into any standard 120v ac outlet with no additional mounting. line cord allows for multiple installation options.
  • EZ view backlit digital display, easy viewing of danger levels, current, and peak co levels in your home. Illuminates only when alarm sounds or a button is pressed.
  • Battery backup, provides consistent protection for added safety during power outages.
  • EZ access battery door, front-open compartment allows easy battery change without dismounting alarm.
  • Mute button silences unnecessary alarms. It also tests alarm function with same button.
  • Low battery signal mute, quiets low battery signal for up to 8 hours.
  • Electrochemical sensor, most accurate technology available for detecting carbon monoxide* *compared to other common sensing technologies.
  • End of life timer, alarm chirps when it is time to replace it.
  • 2 AA batteries included.
  • Loud 85db alarm.
  • 7-year limited warranty, carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced every 5 years for maximum protection.
  • Meets UL2034 standard.
  • Emits T3 Pattern.
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.4 x 1.7 x 5 in.
  • Product Weight: .83 lbs.
Product Specs


This Alarm can be plugged directly into a wall outlet located close to the floor.

  • Choose a standard UNSWITCHED 120V AC outlet.
  • Plug Alarm in.


If you are going to use your Alarm as a direct plug into an outlet that is mounted horizontally (sideways), you may want to rotate the adapter 90 Degrees, as follows:

  • With back of unit facing you (AC blades on your left), place your left thumb on adapter release and grab AC blades with your right hand to release the left side.
  • Repeat for the other side adapter thumb release. This will allow adapter to slide out.
  • Remove adapter.
  • Rotate the adapter 90 degrees and snap firmly back into place.
  • Plug Alarm into AC outlet.


Installation tips for power cord models: The power cord option provides more flexibility in mounting locations and allows the Alarm to be easily installed at or above eye level. NOTE: If you mount the Alarm high on a wall, make sure it is at least 4 inches (102 mm) down from the ceiling. Any higher than this, it will be in "dead air" space and carbon monoxide may not reach the sensor. NOTE: Do not cover the Alarm with a curtain. To install for a wall-mount, you will need to pull out the removable adapter and power cord, as follows:

  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 as described above in "to rotate the adapter".
  • With adapter out, pull out power cord and unwrap it.
  • Insert the screws provided until head is approx. 1/8 inch (3 mm) from wall (if mounting in plaster board or drywall, drill 3/16 inch (5 mm) hole and use plastic anchor provided).
  • Hook the Alarm over the screw onto the keyhole in back of unit.
  • Plug power cord into AC outlet.
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Average Rating Based on 72 reviews: Rating: 4.83333333333333/5Rating: 4.83333333333333/5Rating: 4.83333333333333/5Rating: 4.83333333333333/5Rating: 4.83333333333333/5

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 CO review - 11/27/2018
Reviewer: Julie Smith
These are very easy to install.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 replacement - 05/08/2018
Reviewer: Joe Woolever
I purchased this to replace a unit that had expired for being in service 7 years and this First Alert is what I found, price and free shipping sold me

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 Carbon Monoxide Detector - 03/09/2018
Reviewer: Amy Hawke
Easy installation and comes with batteries.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 CO Alarm plug-in - 01/22/2018
Reviewer: Steve
Seemed fine.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 MR - 11/12/2017
Reviewer: Bayard Rehkopf
When I purchased the Model CO615 this was the first time to buy this model FIRST ALERT. This unit worked trouble free for over 6 YEARS. What happen is that it started to false ON . So that told me that it had seen its useful LIFE TIME. GOOD JOB FIRST ALERT TO THE RESCUE.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 Very useful safety device - 09/25/2017
Reviewer: Vic Monzon
I wanted a device that would give me a level of threat for CO detection. This unit has very convenient AC with a cord and Battery Backup. The PPM digital readout has several trigger levels. Very easy test modes. Very good user interface. Value priced. I give it a TEN :-

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 Totally electrric - 02/11/2017
Reviewer: Scott Waterman
After placing the order, within days the requested alarm was at our home and within minutes up and operating. We didnt want to drill anymore holes in our walls and this particular monitor fit our needs perfectly. And, it operates even during a power failure too.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 - 01/10/2017
Reviewer: Sheila Coxon
This is my second purchase of the same item excellent as was the first. Thank you

Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5 - 12/12/2016
Reviewer: Karen Cox
Didn't take long to receive it and same brand I had before, with a gas heater everyone needs one!!

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 Plug-in carbon monoxide alarm w/battery backup & backlit digital display - 10/26/2016
Reviewer: Sheila Coxon
When my local hardware store did not carry this unit, I went online and purchased it. Arrived within stated time very easy to install works fine. thanks

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Q: How do I get my carbon monoxide alarm to stop chirping?
A: If your carbon monoxide alarm keeps chirping, the battery may be low or weak. On First Alert carbon monoxide detectors, check to see if the battery light is yellow or green. If the alarm is chirping and the light is yellow, it means the battery is low. The way to get a carbon monoxide alarm to stop chirping is to replace the battery.

Q: Where should I install carbon monoxide alarms? What is proper carbon monoxide alarm placement?
A: It is very important to install carbon monoxide alarms near or in each separate sleeping area. Many states now require that a carbon monoxide alarm is placed in each bedroom. For added protection, placement of an additional carbon monoxide alarm at least 15-20 feet away from the furnace or fuel burning heat sources is recommended. Also, install carbon monoxide alarms at least 10 feet from sources of humidity like bathrooms and showers. In two story houses, install one carbon monoxide alarm on each level of the home. If you have a basement, carbon monoxide alarm placement is recommended at the top of the basement stairs.

Q: Is there anywhere I shouldn't install carbon monoxide alarms?
A: Do not install carbon monoxide alarms in garages, kitchens, furnace rooms, or in any extremely dusty, dirty, humid, or greasy areas. Do not install alarms in direct sunlight, or areas subjected to temperature extremes. These include unconditioned crawl spaces, unfinished attics, un-insulated or poorly insulated ceilings, and porches. Carbon monoxide alarms should not be installed in outlets covered by curtains or other obstructions. Do not install in turbulent air-near ceiling fans, heat vents, air conditioners, fresh air returns, or open windows. Blowing air may prevent carbon monoxide from reaching the CO sensors.

Q: How many carbon monoxide alarms should I have in my home?
A: So how many carbon monoxide alarms should you have in your home? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you should have a carbon monoxide alarm centrally located outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom. For added protection, you should have additional carbon monoxide alarms in each separate bedroom and on every level of your house, including the basement. Some states now require that you have a carbon monoxide alarm in each bedroom of the house. If you install only one carbon monoxide alarm in your home, place it near or in your bedroom.

Q: What is the proper way to do a carbon monoxide alarm test?
A: The following procedure is the proper way to do a carbon monoxide alarm test - Press and hold the Test Button on the front of the alarm until the alarm sounds. Be sure you hold the button down long enough; it can take up to 20 seconds for the alarm to respond to the test.

Q: Is it a false alarm when my carbon monoxide alarm sounds and there doesn't seem to be a problem?
A: A carbon monoxide alarm false alarm should not occur if your alarm is in working order. Remember, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas. If your carbon monoxide alarm went off, it detected potentially harmful amounts of carbon monoxide. After the professionals have evaluated the situation, make sure no one has any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here are a few situations that may cause a carbon monoxide alarm "false alarm:"
  • The carbon monoxide alarm needs to be relocated. Carbon monoxide alarms should be located 15-20 feet away from all fossil fuel burning sources like furnaces and stoves. Alarms should be located 10 feet away from sources of humidity like showers.
  • Fossil fuel burning appliances may not be burning fuel completely. Check pilot lights/flames for blue color. Appearance of yellow or orange flames indicates incomplete combustion-a source of carbon monoxide.

Q: Will carbon monoxide alarms detect explosive gas leaks?
A: No, a single function carbon monoxide alarm reacts to carbon monoxide only. To detect explosive gas, you need an explosive gas detector. Different kinds of explosive gas can be detected and it is recommended that any home that utilizes natural or propane gas have at least one explosive gas leak detector.

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