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Fire Extinguishing Spray - Stop Fires Before They Become A Problem

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EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray, First Alert (2pk) - AF400-2
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Common Questions About First Alert EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray

What is First Alert EZ Fire Spray?

EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray is an incredibly efficient and accurate home safety tool utilized to put out fires. The U.S. Fire Administration has specified that fires can double in size every 30 seconds. It's during this brief window in time that fires can spread and evolve into something life threatening and home ruining. Due to its strength and ease of use, EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray is a powerful and effective solution to implement in any home. It works on household fires including those involving paper, fabric, wood, cooking oils, electrical appliances and equipment. If you're searching for a fire safety product that features all of the strength and none of the bulk of a traditional fire extinguisher then EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray is the fire extinguishing product for you.

Why should I consider First Alert EZ Fire Spray over a traditional fire extinguisher?

Traditional fire extinguishers can be bulky and hard to use. The First Alert EZ Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray nozzle and compact size make using it intuitive and easy to use.. The spray discharges four times longer than regular extinguishers, helping ensure that nothing reignites. Each can weighs only a pound for easy hold, aim, and spray. The First Alert EZ Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray covers up to three times the surface area of a regular actuator, meaning that fires get put out faster. Because the nozzle covers a wide area, the foam fire extinguisher spray can be used to help safely put out a fire, even without perfect aim. The non-rechargeable home fire extinguisher aerosol spray helps to make spaces safer.

Where should I use First Alert EZ Fire Spray?

The home fire extinguisher spray's biodegradable formula works on fires involving wood, paper, fabric, and cooking oils, making it a great safety solution for kitchens, boats, and RVs. The First Alert EZ Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray also works on electrical appliances and equipment, and is perfect for keeping in the garage or the workshop in case a small fire breaks out. The size of this portable fire extinguisher spray makes it easy to put a can anywhere in your home.

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