Fire Prevention Week Focuses On Escape Planning - Every Second Counts

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will be hosting its annual Fire Prevention Week on October 8th through October 14th, 2017. Each year, the NFPA selects a theme that showcases the many dangers facing homeowners in the event of a fire. This year's message of "Every Second Counts - Plan 2 Ways Out" details the urgency of mapping out a fire escape plan that includes multiple means of exiting each room within the household. Fires that begin in the household are capable of spreading at an exceedingly rapid pace that can leave occupants with as little as one to two minutes of safely escaping once their alarm sounds. The importance of inspecting all possible exits and escape routes cannot be overstated as each second can be pivotal in differentiating escape from disaster.

The NFPA recommends that homeowners install smoke alarms in every bedroom and locations adjoining any sleeping area. Smoke and fire alarms should also be placed on every level of the home. To maximize the level of safety, the NFPA also suggests that homes be equipped with interconnected alarms that are capable of linking to one another. The First Alert Store offers a wide range of First Alert Smoke Alarms that include ionization, photoelectric and dual sensing properties. First Alert Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarms feature the capacity of pinpointing the origin of a fire and alerting the entire residence of its location. Securing multiple escape routes and outfitting the home with a series of First Alert Smoke Alarms can provide a definitive defense in preventing a disaster.

Free to Enter First Alert Home Fire Safety Protection Contest

The First Alert Store will be commemorating Fire Prevention Week by hosting a free to enter online sweepstakes that will allow entrants to win one of three First Alert Fire Safety Packages. First Alert's selection of Fire Safety Packs was designed to provide homeowners an accessible means of acquiring industry defining safety equipment. First Alert Value Safety Packs include a variety of First Alert products that include: First Alert Smoke Alarms, First Alert Home Fire Extinguishers, First Alert Two Story Escape Ladders and an assortment of other safety enhancers. The following prize packages will be available in the First Alert Fire Prevention Week Sweepstakes:

The rules for entering the First Alert Fire Prevention Week Sweepstakes couldn't be any simpler. All eligible participants are asked to provide their name, e-mail address and full mailing address in the designated form listed on the Official Contest Page. It should be noted that all entrants must reside within the United States and be 18 years of age or older. This contest is effective immediately and will conclude at midnight CST on January 31st, 2018. All qualified entrants may participate once per day. Any additional entries will be discarded and are void. The recipients of any prize are disqualified from participating in any future contests held in the same calendar year.

The NFPA states that: "Your ability to get out depends on advance warning from smoke alarms and advance planning." First Alert Smoke Alarms can play an integral part in providing that advanced warning needed to secure a safe escape. When it comes to Protecting What Matters Most, you can readily depend on First Alert Safety Products to bolster peace of mind in the home setting.

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