First Alert Store Fire Prevention Month: Are You Fully Protected?

The First Alert Store will be hosting its annual Fire Prevention Month campaign this October. Fire Prevention Month is all about providing the information and fire safety equipment needed to preserve and protect families. The undetected presence of smoke and fire remains a constant threat for families across the United States. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) cites that every 24 seconds, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire somewhere in the nation. This is an alarming statistic that needs to be addressed by families seeking to establish peace of mind against the very real danger presented by smoke and fires. The First Alert Store is here to aide families by offering a selection of fire safety equipment such as: First Alert Smoke Alarms, First Alert Fire Extinguishers and First Alert Escape Ladders.

First Alert Smoke Alarms: Reliable Protection You Can Trust

One of the quickest and most reliable solutions to protecting your family from smoke and fire damage is the installation of First Alert Smoke Alarms. The First Alert Store is home to a series of First Alert Hardwired, Battery Operated and Ten Year Smoke Alarms. A First Alert Hardwired Smoke Detector connects directly into your home's electrical system. Hardwired smoke alarms can function independently or integrate with additional hardwired smoke detectors to create an expanded and personalized area of smoke and fire safety. A First Alert Battery Operated Smoke Alarm is a little more versatile in that they can be installed anywhere. Simply mount a battery operated smoke detector to a wall or ceiling and you'll be all set. All First Alert Battery Operated Smoke Alarms come equipped with an end-of-life signal that will announce when it's time to replace the smoke detector's batteries. A First Alert Ten Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm removes low battery chirps while offering a decade's worth of uninterrupted protection.

First Alert Fire Extinguishers and Escape Ladders: Always Have a Backup Plan

Due to its unpredictable and increasingly volatile nature, smoke and fire present a danger that should be kept in check in various other fire safety fronts. The First Alert Store offers a variety of fire safety equipment that extends well beyond smoke and fire detectors. First Alert Fire Extinguishers can service as the first line of defense in minimizing property damage while also potentially saving a life. Never be caught off guard and improve your home's level of fire preparedness with a First Alert Fire Extinguisher. Mapping out an escape route in the event of an emergency is instrumental in achieving any level of home fire safety alertness. First Alert Two Story Escape Ladders and Three Story Escape Ladders are ideal candidates for expanding your options while adding extra escape routes for homes with multiple levels.

Protect what matters most this Fire Prevention Month and beyond with First Alert Smoke Alarms, First Alert Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alert Escape Ladders.

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