First Alert Store Products

The First Alert Store is your definitive outlet for purchasing safety enhancers and accessories that excel in assuring absolute peace of mind. Featuring a robust selection of smoke alarms that utilize various forms of technology, the First Alert Store has included photoelectric alarms, ionization alarms, dual sensing alarms and combination CO alarms. First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms feature just as much depth, variety and reliability while servicing as a premier defense in alerting residents to carbon monoxide leaks. First Alert Wireless Interconnect Alarms employ voice technology to verbally pinpoint potentially dangerous areas within your home.

Smoke Alarms

First Alert is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to smoke alarms and fire prevention. Find the newest smoke detectors including: photoelectric smoke alarms, dual sensing smoke alarms and combo smoke alarms.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms featuring a variety of different features including; 10 year battery, child awakening, voice location, combo alarms and more.

Combination Alarms

First Alert combo alarms help protect from smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and explosive gas. Perfect for hallways, garages or large appliances.
Wireless Interconnect Alarms

Create a smoke and carbon monoxide detector network with these revolutionary wireless interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

10 Year Battery Alarms

First Alert 10-year sealed battery alarms provide reliable protection that lasts for a decade, without the hassle of battery replacements and late night low battery chirps.
Fire Extinguishers

Various UL rated fire extinguishers, find the perfect extinguisher for your needs whether it be for home or commercial use.

Tundra Extinguishing Spray

Tundra provides reliable fire extinguishing power that's quick and easy to use. Stop fires before they have a chance to spread with this useful extinguishing spray.

ONELINK by First Alert

First Alert ONELINK products, bring functionality and convenience no matter where you are. Control and monitor these revolutionary devices directly from your smartphone!

Home Security

Includes home security products such as; security cameras, dvr recording systems, security chests, home safes, fire and water safes, gun safes and other security products.

Bulk and Multipack Savings

Save money and gain maximum protection by purchasing First Alert smoke and CO alarms in bulk. Perfect for contractors or for home owners with multiple rooms/floors.

Other Safety Products

Find a variety of useful safety products including environmental testing kits, motion sensors, escape ladders and water alarms.