First Alert Home Safety Product FAQs

In the following section, we've comprised an assortment of beneficial FAQs that examine the many uses of our safety products and accessories. Our collection of FAQs provides the ultimate in peace of mind and increases your knowledge of our expansive selection of safety enhancers. Need to know the difference between a Photoelectric Alarm and an Ionization Alarm? We have you covered. Everything from Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Tundra Fire Extinguishers, Home Test Kits and various other safety products is explained in great detail. If you have any inquiries involving status, availability and shipping, please visit our Customer Service Section.

Smoke Alarms FAQ

Smoke alarms frequently asked questions include: how smoke alarms work, the difference between photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms, where you should place smoke alarms in your home and more.

Carbon Monoxide FAQ

Carbon monoxide frequently asked questions explain what this silent killer is, where it can be found and what is the best way to protect yourself from this deadly gas.

First Alert Wireless Interconnect Alarms FAQ

First Alert Wireless Interconnect alarms frequently asked questions explain how these wireless smoke & CO alarms intercommunicate with each other to provide a safety net within your home.

Tundra Fire Extinguisher FAQ

Tundra fire extinguisher frequently asked questions help you understand what types of fires this easy to use spray is effective against and where you should keep the Tundra in your home.

Other Safety Products FAQ

Other home safety products frequently asked questions include information about First Alert's quick use escape ladders and convenient motion sensing light sockets.

Environmental Test Kits FAQ

Environmental test kits frequently asked questions contain everything you need to know about First Alert's water test kit, mold test kit, radon test kit and lead test kit.

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