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The importance of establishing a safe and habitable environment for yourself and your family cannot be stressed enough. We are proud to announce that we've stacked our catalogue with an abundance of products and accessories necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your surroundings. Our collection consists of invaluable products such as escape ladders and motion sensing light sockets. Additional items such as environmental test kits, radon test kits, lead test kits, mold test kits and water test kits enable you to measure and identify pollutants, toxic gasses, bacteria and other harmful agents that may be affecting your living space. Our safety products and environmental test kits are designed to prevent tragedies and secure a healthy environment for your family and loved ones.

When it comes to properly equipping your home with products directly beneficial to you and your family's overall health, First Alert has assembled a collection that excels in offering the ultimate in peace of mind. Establish a safe and healthy environment by utilizing a series of Test Kits that actively search for traces of pollutants, toxic gasses, bacteria and a host of other detrimental and harmful substances. First Alert has secured all fronts with the availability of Radon Test Kits, Mold Test Kits, Lead Test Kits and Water Test Kits that gauge the purity of your drinking and bathing water. Increase your home's preparedness with First Alert's Water Alarm. The perfect defense against flooding, leaks and seepage, Water Alarms are essential in the prevention of any and all forms of water damage. Add a layer of convenience to any room with a Motion Sensing Light Socket that utilizes First Alert's patented motion sensing technology to identify movement. Lastly, prepare for an emergency with a collapsible Two Story and Three Story Ladder. Regardless of what you're searching for, First Alert carries an assortment of products that are instrumental in creating and preserving the ideal living environment.

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